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Patio With Teak Furniture

Why You Should Buy Teak Furniture

If you’ve been searching for new décor, especially for your outdoor patio area then you’ve no doubt come across some beautiful teak furniture at some point or another. You’ll probably also notice that teak furniture can be pricier than many other options. Why is this the case? Because it’s much more durable than many other materials and has plenty of natural beauty. The timber also has a number of natural properties that many other types of timber simply do not have, such as natural oils that make it far more weather resistant than other types of wood.

Where does it come from?

The timber has always been highly sought after. It comes from a tree known as Tectona Grandis which is native to South and South East Asia and grows in tropical climates. Since the early days of history, the timber from this tree has been a popular material in the construction of homes, boats and furniture. The popularity of the wood grew around the time when the Dutch first colonized Indonesia and they began to use the timber to build their ships. The timber is ideal for use in ship building as it is highly resistant to rotting and water damage.

The trees can be found growing throughout countries like Myanmar, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. There are many plantations in Java, Indonesia that grow the trees for use in teak furniture. The wood is slow-growing, with it taking almost a century before trees are considered mature and harvested for their wood for this reason the timber is often reclaimed and reused. The mature wood is the best a produces the hardiest and most durable teak furniture.

Why is the wood so valuable?

teak furniture

The timber used in teak furniture is undoubtedly highly valued, but why? It’s mainly to do with the natural oils in the wood. Natural oils and rubber exist in the tree and help to protect it from a number of potential pests and the from the weather. The oils make the trees much more weather-resistant than almost any other type of timber and can be retained when the tree has been chopped down. The oils in teak furniture make it great patio options and it’s stays protected from issues like bugs, fungi and dry rot which can be an issue with some types of furniture.

Other types of timber décor has to be constantly maintained and rubbed down with oils and weather protecting solutions but this isn’t the case for teak furniture, making it ideal for people who like a low maintenance solution. Décor made from the wood will look fantastic or many years, starting out a rich brown before weathering to a beautiful light grey. The wood will last for many years because it is so durable so whilst teak furniture can cost a little more upfront it’s often a great long term investment and will save you money down the road. The wood is in fact so hardwearing that items as old as two millennium old made from the wood have been found in good condition. Buyers will save a lot of money on maintenance and protection over the years which helps to make the initial upfront cost much easier to swallow.

But beware…

It’s worth keeping in mind that not all types of the timber are the same however. If you notice an item has been made out of sapwood then you should know that it’s not quite the same thing, even if it came from the tree. Sapwood comes from the outer layers o the tree and does not contain the oils that make the timber so durable and expensive.

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