What To Expect From a Tenant Advisory Service in Sydney

City-based businesses that have to leave, renew or look elsewhere for a fresh lease are likely to find themselves in need of a tenant advisory service in Sydney.


The commercial space and property might not necessarily have to be a defining feature that speaks to the validity of a brand or practice, but the consequences and knock-on effect that is brought about by an unsatisfactory lease agreement can be damaging to the long-term viability of an organisation.


These advisors are experts in the real estate market and unlike landlords, they are not wed to a single property. They are merely concerned with finding the right deal for you and to negotiate deals on your behalf. That is all.


Whether you are based in Randwick, Manly, Parramatta, Castle Hill or Liverpool, a tenant advisory service in Sydney should be able to meet standard obligations that meet your demands.


Here we will discuss those expectations in greater detail, giving you more context before settling on a firm to represent your commercial interest.

Complete Market Oversight

The difference between a tenant advisory service in Sydney and a landlord are quite stark when you sift through the exact roles and responsibilities of both parties. On one side with the advisor, you have a professional who takes on the information and opportunities that the whole of Sydney can provide, seeing which commercial spaces will be right for their enterprise. Taking into account the budget, the location requirements and the demographic of the consumer base, these all factor into the overall equation. This is not something that a landlord can offer. They are only interested in creating profit from their lease agreement, a scenario that can make the party dispensable when that agreement folds.

Non-Biased Negotiator


Sometimes there will be emotions involved when it comes to lease agreements and property. History could be involved or just a sense as to what is right or wrong by the owner. For a tenant advisory service in Sydney, they stand as a non-biased third party who can negotiate without the need to feel sentimental about any piece of property. They are all about pushing an agenda forward without looking back, something that can really be helpful with certain business owners who feel obliged to hold onto what was once theirs.

Wide Range of Commercial Services


A valid and certified tenant advisory service in Sydney will be able to offer a range of practices that falls under the single banner. This is part and parcel of any transaction as they have to maneuver around the small details of any deal that is taking place. From workplace consulting to ensuring budgetary constraints, reviewing rental agreements, developing subleasing strategies, undertaking extensive market research, auditing and overseeing accommodation portfolios, there is a great deal to consider. These services are all designed to consolidate their client’s position as they look to agree to terms that will help the long-term growth and standing of the business.

Understanding of Sydney Terrain


A tenant advisory service in Sydney has to scour a market that is incredibly vast and unique. Few cities on the planet have the diversity and range that Sydney does, from one end of town in the South-West to the hustle and bustle of the CBD, the luxury of the Eastern shore and Northern Beaches to the thriving and cosmopolitan Inner West. Attempting to find value and opportunity can feel like finding a needle in a haystack to the uninitiated eye. Not for a trained tenant advisory service in Sydney.



No two tenant advisory services in Sydney will be identical. They will have advisors that have their own take on various lease agreements that commercial operations should look into. What is clear though is that you as a client have a series of collective principles and standards that should be upheld. That truly defines a quality tenant advisory service in Sydney.