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Office Cleaner In Sydney Mopping The Floor

What Do Office Cleaners Sydney Services Cover?

Cleaning is an integral part of any business. Every business owner would prefer to have a presentable workspace for both employees and customers. The business of office cleaners in Sydney is lucrative, thanks to the huge number of businesses, both small and large, that are in the city. 

For individuals that want to work as commercial cleaners, there are many sides of the business that you must understand before venturing into it. The services include a range of cleaning services, such as office cleaning, window cleaning, warehouse cleaning, strata cleaning, and more. 

An office cleaners Sydney business can be exciting and fun for business owners because it comes with attractive financial rewards. Usually, to qualify to work in this domain, you must have the appropriate training licenses and permits. The details of the required permits and training licenses to get before you can become a qualified cleaner can be found on the state’s website.

What services are included in the job of office cleaners in Sydney?

The duty of an office cleaner should be cut out clearly from the onset. Basically, the role involves keeping the work environment of your clients clean and free from contaminants, dust, germs, and pathogens that may put their safety and health at risk. 

The job of an office cleaner has never been more important than it is today with the ravaging Coronavirus. Cleaners have the responsibility of keeping the workspace clean and free from any infectious diseases that may be lurking around the office area. So, what does the office cleaners Sydney job entails? 

What to expect from an office cleaner in Sydney

Office cleaners Sydney’s job roles involve the thorough cleaning of common areas, boardrooms, work cubicles and desks, private offices, receptions, kitchen areas, and bathrooms, among others. The scope of cleaning that is expected from these qualified cleaners includes the following:

  • Sanitization of all surfaces, which include cabinets, light switches, door handles, toilets, sinks, and appliances.
  • Vacuum and mop all office floors, including other floor areas within the office premises.
  • Empty and dispose of all waste bins properly.
  • Dusting the reachable areas of furniture, polishing wood and glass items, and wiping clean all mirrors and windows.

Checklist for cleaning

For effective and efficient office cleaners Sydney performance, individuals should have a basic checklist for cleaning an office. An office cleaner should be conversant with the high traffic areas and standard rooms in the office and these areas should the focus during cleaning. 

The depth of required cleaning will depend on the size of the business and the foot traffic. Here are some checklist items that an office cleaner and the business owner engaging their service should be aware of.

Daily office cleaning

This should cover shared workspace, common areas, and meeting rooms. Office cleaners in Sydney should check and dispose of all irrelevant clutters and spot-clean the glass or upholstered office partitions. 

The daily office cleaning should also include mopping of the hard floor surfaces, cleaning and sanitizing glass doors and entryway, shared telephones, and all horizontal surfaces. It also covers vacuuming carpeted floors thoroughly and collecting office bins.

Toilet areas

The office cleaners in Sydney also need to concentrate on toilets during cleaning because they are the home of germs. The cleaning should include mopping of all hard floors; cleaning, polishing, and sanitizing toilet partitions, bins, sinks, mirrors, urinals, and toilets, among others.


An office cleaner should also focus on the pantry to maintain the cleanliness of where foods are prepared and kept. This involves cleaning the kitchen sink, appliances, and cabinets; mopping the hard floor surfaces, walls. It also entails disinfecting the chairs and tables as well as collecting and disposing of the kitchen bins properly.

In this post, we have looked at the basics of the job roles of office cleaners in Sydney. They include the scope of the job and a checklist for a successful cleaning project.

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