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Happy Father’s Day

What Are The Best Father’s Day Gifts?

With the big day coming up many people are flocking to stores and the internet to find the best father’s day gifts. It can be hard to decide what to get with a heap of cheesy memorabilia being advertised on every website and in every store. There are also many Beanie Boo options to choose from that it may become overwhelming for even the bravest shopaholics. However, we are here to help as we have interviewed many dads to see what would really make their day. So sit tight and hold on as we go full force into the best father’s day gifts.

Personalised cameo

Cameo is a great new service that has recently popped up where you can get a celebrity to say a personalized message to just about anyone. In this case, it can be one of the best father’s day gifts as you can tailor it to your own dad. Does your old man have a catchphrase from when you were a kid? See if you can get a celebrity to say it to them as an inside joke.

Are they a huge sports fan? Get them their favorite player to say a message. More into TV drama? See if you can find an actor or actress that they are a fan of as well. The possibilities are endless and are only limited by your own imagination.

Barbeque equipment

To start the dad stereotype train, our first stop is barbequing and meat cooking-related apparatuses. There’s just something about barbeques that make dad’s go all primal and must provide for the family mode. Rather than dismiss that deep-rooted human trait, why not embrace it? While a barbeque itself may be quite pricey, you can fairly price equipment such as tongs, spatulas, aprons, and many more. If your dad has no other interests outside the clichéd ones consider this as the best father’s day gift.

Sporting tickets

If you happen to live in a city that has live sporting events consider purchasing some tickets and spending the day watching a game. Even better if it is your dad’s favourite team as well. One of the things that most people overlook when looking for presents is family time spent together is the greatest present of all. An activity that the family can do together is one of the best father’s day gifts of all.

If you are instead in a town or city that doesn’t host live games, considering getting some sporting memorabilia instead. That way you can turn your lounge room into its own sports stadium.

Fishing equipment

Ditch that dad mug and get him something that he would really use. Some stereotypes exist for a reason and the one where dads love fishing has always existed. If you do have budget or are pooling your money with our family members, consider getting some fishing equipment. It will surely be one of the best father’s day gifts as he can go out and use it that day.

Whenever he goes out fishing and uses the equipment as well, there will always be the story of how his family got it for him. And that is what the best father’s day gift really is.

Hopefully by this point you have a few ideas on what to get your old man. If not you can always resort to the dreaded dad themed memorabilia or even a pair of jocks and socks. Regardless the best present is time spent with family and if you have the capacity to do that then I’m sure the old boy would appreciate that more than anything.

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