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What Are The Benefits Of Using Family Law Solicitors In Sydney?

Relationships are the key building block of society. Social connections were the driving force for evolution and are interwoven into the fabric of modern society. With relationships come conflict and complex problems, especially in the modern-day. We inhabit a complicated world and raising a family in a modern family is highly complicated and can cause some big issues. When you consider divorce, custody issues, domestic and family violence issues, and the myriad of other problems that can crop up, it’s easy to see why you might need to seek out the services of family lawyers Sydney based experts.

What do family law solicitors in Sydney do?

The main role of family law solicitors in Sydney is to help you with negotiation, mediation and other kinds of alternative dispute resolution – usually they will specialise in a specific area or issue. For instance, your family law solicitors in Sydney may be better a negotiation, which you may need if your managing a divorce or think you will end up in court, whilst mediation skills can be very helpful for reaching financial agreements and other settlements. The aim of your family law solicitors in Sydney should always be to reach an agreement that is agreeable for both parties.

So what kind of matters can you expect to manage your family law solicitors in Sydney to be able to help with?

Most will be able to help will matter such as prenuptial agreements, legal separation issues, divorce, property settlements, annulment of marriages, binding financial agreements, spousal maintenance, domestic violence apprehended orders, parenting arrangements, parenting plans, grandparent’s rights, guardianships, child support, arbitration, mediation processes and courtroom representation.

How does it work?

If you’re undergoing a separation, then you should know that you can start making arrangements to divide your assets with your ex-partner straight away – you don’t need to wait until you’re divorced. You also won’t necessarily need to go to court, although if domestic violence or other issues are involved you might need to. Your family law solicitors in Sydney can get the legal process underway to finalise financial agreements from the beginning so it’s a good idea to get started on that as soon as you can.

If you and your ex-partner are not able to reach an agreement, then your lawyer will be able to help walk you through the processes that exist to help manage disagreements over finances and property. You will need to satisfy the court that genuine attempts have been made to reach an agreement before proceeding to court. If an agreement can’t be reached by mediation or alternative dispute resolution methods, then your family law solicitor in Sydney will need to file an application with the Federal Circuit Court or Family Court seeking property orders. The courts decision will account for the assets owned by both parties such as furniture, cars, property, superannuation and savings, the court will then consider the contributions made by both parties and will consider other factors like parental responsibilities. The court will weigh up everything and come to the most equitable decision for both parties.

How to find a lawyer?

To find a family lawyer in Sydney, start by asking friends, family or professionals you trust for recommendations as word-of-mouth is the best way to find someone you can trust. If you can’t find a lawyer through your own network try looking online for reviews as this can be a good way to find good lawyers in your local area. Make sure you interview anyone you’re considering working with and ask questions.

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