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Ways To Fight Depression

Depression is a mental disorder that is characterized by lack of energy, and low self-esteem and power; people suffering from depression find it hard to get out of this mental state. But this is a disorder that is common and highly treatable. Here are eight steps that will help you tackle depression.

1.      Monitor critical self-attacks

Depression causes people to accept themselves in a negative light, a misconceived identity that becomes internalized over time. Do not allow these parasitic attacks to dissuade you from your goals, or to isolate yourself. Think of yourself in a compassionate light to free yourself from these thoughts.

2.      What are you angry at?

Depression could often be a cover for anger in some people, either directed towards themselves or another person. Acknowledge and accept the anger as a normal emotion that need not be covered up, and it will give you a better handle on your emotions.

3.      Be active

Because depression can dampen your energy levels, it is essential to beat this feeling. You can do this by exercising 20 minutes a day as it has been proven to fight depression and negative emotions.

4.      Do not isolate yourself

Depressive thoughts often urge you to isolate yourself which can be the most counterproductive thing to do if you are depressed. Find someone you can trust, a friend or trusted family member, or even a way of voicing your emotions so as to work through the motions, rather than suffer alone.

5.      Rediscover old interests

Your most lethargic moments are the times you should push yourself to confide in a familiar activity that could re-ignite a spark that will help you fight your depressive thoughts, and against the inner voice of depression.

6.      Comic relief

Although it seems silly, watching a funny movie or a TV show or anything that makes you smile and laugh will help convince your brain that you are happy. These are not mere distractions, but tools that help contradict your inner voice of depression.

7.      It’s okay

Feeling bad is an emotion that is human, and there is nothing wrong about it. Do not feel embarrassed about it. Negative thoughts about your negative thoughts will only pull you down further. Take your mental health seriously, and keep in mind that it is treatable, and it is okay.

8.      See a therapist

There is no shame in voicing your emotions and talking about how you feel, in fact, it is one of the most potent ways of combating depression. If the problem seems beyond your control, seek the help of a therapist – this is a brave, healthy and productive act that will help you with your healing process.

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