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Anne Valentin Optical Brand

Things To Know About Anne Valentin Optical

Anne Valentin Optical is a beautiful eyewear brand originating from south-western France. The pair made frames for all their friends, never expecting it to get to the height it has been today. To this day, this company turned from just a small circle of friend’s and into the public eye. With are unique lens that allowed them to customise and make items that we’re not made commercially available at the time, they took a whole new vision in the eyewear game and brought their gifts and talents into the arena. From just the two of them, Anne Valentin Optical know have grown a team of designers they try to constantly reframe eyewear design world, taking it to a whole new grade. Taking inspiration from a range of individuals from friends, families, strangers and ultimately, figures in culture and art. This includes architecture, photography, fashion, movies and many more. These eyewear artisans focus on soaking in everything and staying curious, to move Anne Valentine Optical forward.

Greetings from France

The beautiful Anne Valentin Optical brand is from the city of Toulouse. The city is from the south of France, near the most beautiful of waters ranging from River Garonne, the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Toulouse is noted for its marks in the aerospace field in Europe, ranging from its head offices of Aerospace Valley and ATR. It is home to Europe’s headquarters of Intel, Toulouse Space Centre (CST), Airbus Defence and Space, and Thales Alenia Space, acknowledging as the space central for the continent. Toulouse was founded by the Romanis during the 5th century and was the centre of the Visigothic Kingdom. The city where Anne Valentin Optical is from holds three impeccable UNESCO World Heritage Sites from the Basilica of St Serin, the biggest Romanesque architecture building in the continent, Canal Du Midi, and Hotel Dieu Saint Jacques. The city that is home to Anne Valentin Optical is known as, La Ville Rose otherwise called The Pink City, due to its architecture is notably known for its terracotta bricks made in a pink shade.

The Bigger Picture

Woman wearing Anne Valentin Optical brand

The team of opticians and eyewear artisans at Anne Valentin Optical have a clear vision for the future of their brand, making sure they go through every chance to provide an abundance of options for their peers. The team works to make sure they make their designs with their customers in mind. And it works! Anne Valentin Optical has made heat, with more and more countries across the globe including the brand in the eyewear retailer spanning over 1000 stores. The brand marries a range of inspirations, taking its French appeal and from the city of it’s home in Toulouse, to create something quite extraordinary. The team goes beyond the distance to make designs that outshine their competitors, making sure Anne Valentin Optical is the perfect choice for customers looking to upgrade their glasses. Going above and beyond, they aim to pave the way for the future of eyewear fashion by offering a unique perspective from the incredible minds of the brand’s co-creators.

Anne Valentin Optical is making waves in the eyewear game. And for a good reason. With its incredible background, origins and story, you can see why people from all over the world have fallen in love at first sight to this wonderful brand. With its groundbreaking and visionary designs, Anne Valentin Optical is the perfect choice for customers that have a good eye. For an eye-catching look, their incredible range of glasses is ideal for wear making you the eye of the beholder. It’s definitely a sight to behold!

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