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Best Cosmetic Dermatology In Melbourne

The Top 5 Treatments For Cosmetic Dermatology In Melbourne

When we talk about cosmetic dermatology in Melbourne, we’re talking about taking care of the largest organ on the human body – our beautiful skin. Don’t get us wrong, we’re not referring to the typical medical ailments that can naturally occur over time with issues like acne, eczema, psoriasis etc. When we say cosmetic dermatology in Melbourne, we’re talking about the beauty side of things, the aesthetic changes that can effectively treat the aging process and bring out the youthfulness of the skin.

There are many different treatments under the umbrella of cosmetic dermatology in Melbourne, so today we’ll explore the 5 picks we have for the most popular and wide-regarded treatments out there – as well as explore a little bit about what makes each one unique.

1.   Botox

One of the most popular treatments on the planet and indeed one that is synonymous with cosmetic dermatology in Melbourne is the famous Botox treatment. Made popular thanks to movies and influencers around the world, the treatment involves injections botulinum toxins to effectively block the nerve receptors in the eyebrow region to effectively slow or prevent the formation of aging lines in that area.

The treatment in cosmetic dermatology in Melbourne also has some value in the reduction of frown lines and sweating. It’s certainly the workhorse of the industry and one that is very popular with the best cosmetic dermatology in Melbourne

2.   Chemical Peels

As far as treatments go, this may have the name that turns a lot of people away, but the chemicals themselves have a lot of nourishment value associated when unpacked. For cosmetic dermatology in Melbourne, a chemical peel is almost as popular as Botox in the community due to the inherent benefits of the treatment. Effectively designed to provide an anti-aging sustenance for the user with chemical peels consisting of ingredients like Salicylic Acid which work best for oily skin and treatment of roughened states of skin or Glycolic Acid which can reverse damages caused by photo-aging and is especially useful for older skin. 

3.   Laser Hair Removal

Another often associated treatment in cosmetic dermatology in Melbourne is laser hair removal. Typically painless treatment uses laser technology to effectively remove problematic hair growth areas to keep skin looking fresh, smooth, and hairless. The treatment is especially popular in areas such as the chest, neck, face, bikini lines, and legs. As far as treatments go for cosmetic dermatology in Melbourne – this is one of the more popular and pain-free ones.

4.   Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers are another therapy offered in cosmetic dermatology in Melbourne that involves non-invasive and non-surgical intervention, by a relatively painless needle injecting gels into the face to add volume and shape to a naturally aged appearance. Think of it as scaffolding to bring out the more youthful luxuriousness of an appearance. The stabilising factor of the treatment allows the skin to receive a boost in moisture and elasticity. One enjoyable side-effect of the treatment is the stimulation of collagen production which naturally increases the treatments efficacy over the long term.

5.   Skin Tightening

The final treatment we’ll explore with cosmetic dermatology in Melbourne is the aptly named skin tightening which does as the name implies. It uses deep heating as a methodology to stimulate healthy sensation and natural collagen growth and tightening of the skin in a more natural way. The best part is it’s a walk-in/walk-out procedure which means no recovery time needs to be set aside for afterward.

These were just a few of the treatments on the market at the moment, always be wary and only spend what you can and pretty soon you’ll feel rejuvenated and refreshed.

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