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Expectations of Passengers For Their Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour

Boarding a Grand Canyon helicopter tour and experiencing the splendour of this landscape will be a life changing moment.

Soaking in one of the Seven Wonders of the World is a treat, even for those that undertake the route each and every day for travellers.

Whilst this is a joyous experience that will be cherished for a lifetime, there are some rules and guidelines that are enforced on patrons.

These are universal expectations placed on passengers and it is important information for those that want to get the most out of their investment.


Need to Arrive on Schedule

Although some private Grand Canyon helicopter tour operators will allow for certain patrons to be catered to at their own discretion, the majority of public operators will need to see passengers ready to leave on schedule. Like a commercial air flight there can be some time allowed for if there is a minor delay communicated, but the expectation from the pilot and the rest of the team is that the client will be prepared and ready to leave as scheduled. This is why it is always advised to leave ahead of time in case there are traffic delays or other logistical issues that arise over the span of the travel to Arizona, Colorado or Nevada.


Prepare to be Weighed

There are strict rules and limitations that are placed upon a Grand Canyon helicopter tour when it comes to the overall weight of the passengers are on board. Rather than operating on discriminatory grounds, this is purely for the safety of the service where the threat of crashing could occur if these bounds are exceeded. The industry terms will see individuals listed above 300lbs or 136kg to have to sit out this exercise as the aggregate will see a maximum of 7 travellers for a total weight of 1240lbs or 562kg.


No Luggage Necessary

Due to this important weighing issue when hoping aboard your Grand Canyon helicopter tour, you are not in a position to carry any luggage on board. From backpacks and suitcases to meal and drink containers to even books and sunglasses, this is a specified mode of transit where every item is detailed and accounted for. Travellers will be able to utilise lockers and holding facilities upon arrival, but outside of a smartphone to take pictures and the clothing that you arrived with, there is strict limitations that will prevent any form of luggage from being carried on board.


helicopter and pilotListen to Pilot Guide and Instructions

Listening to the pilot is vital for guests of a Grand Canyon helicopter tour who want to be able to soak in the whole experience. These experienced professionals will be able to offer substance to the venture, outlining what important landmarks are, their history and how they relate to the whole experience throughout the Grand Canyon and the Arizona Desert. This is a region of the country that is rich with cultural significance and to ensure that all patrons are receiving the same quality of tour and to be safe with following protocol, it is necessary to leave any questions or feedback to the Q&A period.


Have Bookings and Itinerary Sorted Following Tour

A Grand Canyon helicopter tour provider will be able to offer patrons a chance to engage with local hotels and accommodation services in some cases, but it is advised that travellers have their arrangements sorted ahead of time. The Grand Canyon helicopter tour is designed simply to leave from the listed destination either in Arizona, Colorado or Nevada and allow for guests to either continue their journey from a certain point or to return from the departure point. The expectation is that this area will be arranged early in the piece.


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