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CBD Oil For Dogs

CBD Spells Relief For Owners Of Anxious Dogs!

The benefits of CBD oil have been known by mankind for centuries, and at long last it comes in an available form to treat man’s best friend.

Do you find your four legged friend getting anxious every time you leave the house? Or maybe they are scared of loud cheers from the family watching the big game. Perhaps they are nervous around other dogs or new guests to your home, or you find them pacing the yard when next door neighbour starts up their lawn mower on a Sunday morning. If so, then maybe it is time you explored CBD oil for dogs.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD is the abbreviation and common use form of the word Cannabidiol. CBD is the non-psychoactive ingredient of the Cannabis Sativa plant which is what people are talking about when they explain the benefits of medicinal cannabis. The oil is extracted from the plant and is considered a revolutionary natural therapy for a wide range of conditions.

You’ve probably seen it around or heard your friends talk about its benefits as people become more aware of its use in treating various conditions and ailments in humans. But CBD oil is now available for dogs as well.

Is CBD oil safe for my dog?

Absolutely. Clinical tests now show no adverse reactions in dogs. So not only is it safe for dogs but it is a much more pet friendly way of treating your best friend’s nervousness and anxiety disorders. Just ask anyone who has treated their pets with heavy handed veterinary sedatives in the past.

They are not only hard to control the dosage to treat domestic animals, but they often leave your doggo groggy and listless for well after the desired time frame.

With CBD oil your pet will not only be happier and more relaxed in themselves, they will also be more fun to be around and won’t have any of those nasty side effects that veterinary sedatives can leave them with.

What does CBD Oil for dogs treat?

CBD oil has shown to have positive outcomes for dogs suffering anxiety and nervousness disorders associated with separation from there owner, travel or loud noises. Many pet owners attest to benefits in pain management in their aging companions. And it is also great for appetite stimulation in older dogs or dogs recovering from surgeries.

There are also reports from owners of dogs with epilepsy, a far more common condition than many people realise, in helping to reduce the number of and the severity of seizures.

How is CBD Oil administered?

There is a myriad of creative ways CBD oil can be administered to your pet. Whether it is orally out of a convenient dropper bottle, mixed with food, or soaked into their favourite treats. You can use your imagination and find out which method best works for you and your pooch.

Is CBD Oil legal?

Yes. CBD oil does not contain the psychoactive ingredient THC which is found in the plant closely related to the sativa strain that most people would know as Marijuana. Which is a prohibited substance in many jurisdictions around the world.

Provided you purchase from a reputable supplier and always double check the product information you will have no issues.

Ancient civilisations have known for thousands of years the benefits of CBD oil. So isn’t it about time that you owed it to your best friend to find a healthy, natural solution to treat their anxiety, give them pain relief, or treat their other issues?

CBD oil for dogs is finally here and it is the way of the future for mankind and man’s best friend.

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