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A Beginner’s Guide On Buying The Best Hot Water Cylinders

If you need a brand-new hot water cylinder for your home, then do not fret: there are plenty of options to choose from at The Cylinder Guy. If you’re unsure about what type of model you need and other specifications, it is very important that you do your research. Some hot water cylinders can be quite expensive, so it’s certainly not a purchase that you want to mess up and later regret. Do plenty of research and if you’re still struggling with finding the right model, get in touch with a plumber for some advice. If you don’t have time for that, then just read on through this comprehensive guide on buying the best hot water cylinders available in the market.

What is the best model available?

When it comes to storage tanks, the “best” varies from household to household. So, it’s not so much what is the “best” but more what is the “smart” option. Indeed, if you have access to a gas outlet, then a gas model is probably the best model for you. Why? Well, gas hot water cylinders are generally the most fuel efficient, meaning that your long-term costs will likely fall significantly. The initial price for a gas model, however, is generally higher than other alternatives.

On the other hand, the more common option found in households is an electrical system. Electric systems are preferred by many individuals because they are very easy to maintain and install. While they are also very reliable, they are poor in terms of emissions, whereas a gas system produces fewer carbon emissions. If your system must be environmentally-friendly, then you can even consider moving towards a solar-powered system, which brings its own advantages and disadvantages.

How large does my tank need to be?

When it comes to the size of hot water cylinders, this too is often a question of discretion. Having said this, your decision should largely be based off how many people live in your household. If you live by yourself or with one other person, a single tank will generally suffice. It is only when there are 4 or more people in the house (like a larger family) that you need to start considering a larger-sized tank or system. Larger hot water cylinders are generally around 300L in capacity, whereas smaller tanks are around 135L in capacity.

Will my system be affected by the design of my home?

The simple answer to this question is yes. Basically, the design of your home is very important when it comes to selecting a storage system. This is why many larger homes; particularly multi-storey homes suffer from plumbing issues. In a lot of these cases, the plumbing issues are a direct result of the aqua system chosen.

In larger homes, you preferably want one of the most powerful and fuel-efficient hot water cylinders because your system will need to be pumping liquid a longer distance. During this time, the temperature of the liquid can drop off quite immensely. Let’s face it, no one wants a cold shower. So, if you want to avoid this dilemma, ensure that your system has powerful pumps and that your taps are near the system.

Do I have enough space for my system?

Naturally, some of these hot water cylinders can be quite large. As a result, finding the adequate space to house the system is crucial. A larger system requires a flue as an outdoor exhaust point, while adequate drainage systems will need to be in place.

So, if you need a new aqua system for your home or a replacement model, make sure you consult this guide before making your decision.

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